Nest Thermostat Logger

Since Works with Nest (WWN) is retiring, I decided to configure Device Access and check out the Smart Device Management (SDM) Application Programming Interface (API). The Quick Start Guide on the Device Access page is very comprehensive, and here's what I did to get a log of temperature and humidity from my Nest thermostat and corresponding outdoor values.

Inside and outside conditions chart.
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WiFi Temperature Monitor - Part II

Since writing the first WiFi temperature monitor post, I’ve implemented retrieving temperature values on a schedule, to generate a real-time dashboard. I came across this Gadgets Apps Hacks Post, which utilizes Google Apps Script’s ability to connect to External APIs and record stock ticker values over time in Google Sheets. The method I used in the first part to write the temperature sensor value in a Sheet is more suited for a single import of a larger data set in JSON format. There is also a tutorial from Particle that uses IFTTT to log the data in a Sheet. Although the tutorial from Particle might be a little easier to implement, I chose to work solely with Google Apps Script; since I wanted to pull data from other APIs. I’ll use WeatherUnderground for the outside temperature and Nest for a comparison of inside temperature from another device.

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