I mined a total of 0.24359921 Bitcoin (BTC) with the Raspberry Pi and Butterfly Labs 5 GH/s miner from December 17, 2013 - July 29, 2015.

Here’s a breakdown of costs:

  • Hardware = $390
  • Electricity = $571
  • Total = $961

Total cost of power over that period of approximately 14,136 hours was calculated assuming $0.19 / kWh by taking the average over a one year period. The power consumption was approximated by recording usage with a P3 Kill A Watt over a ten day period and interpolating linearly.

Power usage over time chart.

Thanks to the technology behind Bitcoin, you can see the full contents of the wallet where mining profits were deposited on BlockChain.info @ 1BsWqHJh5kwLNHZzj6Q6DGaxRZVTK9U9A6 and a graph over time.

Bitcoin balance over time chart.

With the exchange rate of Bitcoins to USD at the time of writing this, the Return on Investment (ROI) with a balance of 0.24359921 BTC is about negative (-) $896. Breaking even would require the exchange rate to reach $3,844 USD / BTC; historically speaking the highest was around $1,100 in late 2013. Never say never though, here’s the current price from CoinDesk.